one dedicated team
boundless global opportunities

Our Mission

Our goal is to connect. We want to support innovative and unique business ventures to reach their full international potential. Overcoming barriers to enter foreign markets has become a common global challenge for many businesses. This is why we are continuously developing our multinational and extensive network of local experts and talents to address this particular challenge.

  1. Use cultural diversity to our advantage
  2. Assemble worldwide talent
  3. Capitalize on state-of-the-art technology
  4. Consolidate e-solutions and promotion methods

our background

Founded in 2013 in the cloudy yet beautiful city of Hamburg, our international team comes together from multiple backgrounds to share their expertise, values and vision to develop the best possible solutions for our clients. By using localization practices as the backbone of our operations, we have perfected our methods and are now ready to meet any business needs for successful internationalization.

Our team consists of dedicated account specialists, project managers, online marketers, localization experts, researchers and consultants. We have also brought together hundreds of independent local contractors, that know and understand their respective markets. This knowledge pool is what we are sharing with our clients.

You cannot handle great ideas all alone. Get a smart team.