Lead and Engage: How To Embrace B2B Content Marketing

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Sharing The Wealth Through B2B Content Marketing


It’s been proven in the B2C world without question: good content marketing equals new customers and brand loyalty. But does content marketing work in the B2B world?


Do it right and it could be a massive lead generator.

In a nutshell, content marketing is knowledge exchange. But it isn’t about giving away all your corporate secrets, it’s about showing off your expertise. Deliver the right information to your customer base at the right time, and you’ll quickly discover that content marketing could become the most valuable tool in your marketing arsenal.

Here’s how to make it work for your business.


Keep it Meaningful


When prospective customers hit ‘search’ with their query, you need to provide the answers they need. It’s not just about having the right keywords on your site to ensure your business ranks first; it’s about giving them useful information that they can learn from.

Gaining custom starts with building trust and demonstrating expertise, which online means being the main go to point for facts and information about your industry or sector. If you can prove through content that you can anticipate a customer’s every need before they’ve even had that thought process, and can enhance their business with what you have to offer, then you’re doing it right.

So, while creating the right content is important, keeping content current is critical. You need to keep pace with your potential customers and show that your business is a leader, not a follower.

Poor quality content that doesn’t tell your prospective customers anything will do little to build trust. One piece of content isn’t enough to win their business though; you need to prove to them time and again why they should trust you – and that the only organisation out there that can answer all their questions is yours.

sharing knowledge


Competitive Talk


Do your research and find out what your competitors are doing. And definitely don’t underestimate the recent tidal wave in B2B content marketing. Statistics estimate that around a quarter of a B2B marketers’ budget will soon be focused on content. 60% of businesses plan to increase this figure in the next 12 months. Every social media channel is reporting sharp increases in adoption rates. Delivering good quality content through the right channels will keep you ahead of the game.


What Next?


Think about your target audience, and approach them a bit like a journalist would; but convincing the reader through reason. Consider that the biggest advantage of content marketing is the multitude of ways in which you can reach new customers; articles, blogs, headlines, case studies, webinars – there are no boundaries in this space.

So forget the hard sell and share the knowledge you have to offer. Remember; it’s all about engaging your audience and building trust in your business.

It’s time to stop guarding your know-how and start sharing it.

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